Get Beautiful Smiles: Services You Should Discuss With Your Dentist

To maintain your beautiful smile and keep your teeth and gums healthy, regular dental checkups are necessary. It must be done at least every six months or as often as advised. When you book dentist appointment, your dental hygienist will carefully examine your teeth for cavities and decide whether you need a dental cleaning, implants, or other tooth enhancements.

Below are some of the services you should discuss with your dental professional.

General Dental

Oral health doctors are trained to perform general dental services such as:

  • Dental checkup and cleaning – Book dentist appointment for a general dental checkup so your dentist can assess your overall oral health and see if further dental work is needed. By having your teeth examined regularly, your dentist can prepare for any existing and developing issue like tooth decay or gum problems.
  • Dental filling – Tooth decay due to cavities can cause teeth sensitivity and pain, especially if left untreated. Poor oral hygiene and diet usually are the causes of tooth decay that result in holes on your teeth. To restore your affected tooth, dental fillings come into play. Your dentist will resort to fillings to fill holes, chipped, or broken tooth.
  • Root canal treatment – a root canal is recommended when the tooth has suffered an infection. Tooth affected with cavities usually are treated with a simple dental filling, but when the damage has already crawled internally to your tooth’s pulp, that’s when a root canal is necessary. Book dentist appointment as soon as you can to have this treated and prevent further infection.Dental emergency – ask for an emergency dentist appointment to consult your doctor about a sudden toothache, broken or chipped tooth, or swollen gums.Dental Implants
  • A dental implant is a permanent replacement of your tooth, replicating your natural teeth. Patients with missing teeth can opt for dental implants for a permanent solution. That means no more putting your dentures in a cup!
  • Did you know that a missing tooth can sometimes lead to the deterioration of your jaw bone? That’s why, aside from sporting a complete set of teeth when smiling, dental implants are also good to maintain your bone and jaw structure.

  • Orthodontists differ from your general dentists since orthodontists took additional education and underwent training specifically for orthodontic care. The orthodontic treatment utilizes the use of braces and other dental equipment and technologies to reposition and adjust your teeth. Search for “dentist book appointment in Brisbane” to get connected with a local orthodontist. From there, you may inquire whichever of the two treatments are suited for you:
  • Traditional braces
  • Invisible aligners

    Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Cosmetic dentistry treatment is best for patients who want to treat and avoid cavities and gum diseases while enhancing the natural beauty of their teeth. Patients can discuss these services with their dentists:
  • Teeth whitening
  • Dental veneers
  • Tooth crowns
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